Awakening the Inner Goddess:

A 21 Day Guided Practice in Rewilding & Reclaiming

When women reassert their relationship with the wildish nature,
they are gifted with 
a permanent and internal...
a Knower,
a Visionary,
an Oracle,
and Aspiratrice,
an Intuitive,
a Maker,
a Creator,
an Inventor,
and a Listener
who guide, suggest, and urge vibrant life
in the inner and outer world.
~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés

The Invitation

Come join us on a sacred journey to Awaken your Inner Goddess and free your Wild Woman self.

Dear Sister, can you feel Her? Pause, take a slow, sensuous breath and return to your body for a moment. Dive inside to your deepest longing. She is right there. She has ALWAYS been there, inviting you, yearning for you to remember who you really are. She is your inner goddess, a manifestation of the divine feminine essence of Shakti, and She knows. She knows that when you Reclaim her, you will shape-shift from a half living meme to a vibrant, awakening woman.

An awakening woman is a spiritual rebel. 

She has thrown off the chains of religious and cultural suppression, who continuously challenges the rules, roles and fairytales that would lock her up again. She is the wild woman who has returned to her instinctive nature, unleashed, untamed, unashamed and free.

An awakening woman inhabits her body. 

She experiences the world through all her senses, moving with a feline grace, hips swinging, face soft, heart open and eyes bright with awareness. She embraces her sexuality, not as a tool or product, but as an expression of her love and passion for life itself.

An awakening woman is intimately connected to her creativity

She has matured into a place of childlike wonder: curious, playful, trusting. She is an artisan of beauty who makes magic with her ideas and offers her gifts, first to herself, then to this world.

An awakening woman flows. 

She continuously cleanses her body, mind and life of the debris that dam her essence. Emotions, thoughts and stories move through her, leaving her renewed and open for more life to come.

Themes: Sensuality, Sexuality, Cleansing, Rebirth, Creativity, Play, Reclaiming Wildnes

What will I get from this course?

This self-paced retreat is a gentle yet empowering journey home to yourself:

  • Return home to your body, to reconnect with her needs, wants and desires. 

  • Enter the present moment each day in order to find rest and renewal, that "me-time" so many of us constantly crave.

  • Reclaim your voice, boundaries, power and place in the world.

  • Remember your sensual self, where you live life awake, embodied and connected to yourself and all of life around you.  

  • Return to nature to reclaim your sense of belonging to this world that holds deep wisdom and infinite beauty.

  • Reunite with your inner wise woman, attuning to her intuition and her guidance.


The healing begins here, and it feels soooo good! Finally. Part of my undoing, and relearning requires a loving, smiling, playful goddess who understands my innermost feminine self, because she too is me. A goddess guru who not only guides but is guided by the Sacred Divine of Feminine Connection! Toi Lynn Wyle is unlike any woman with whom I have blended paths. Not only does she have a beautiful relationship with the earth, but the sky as well! With the day and the night. And the gifts she shares, and the way we grow all together ~ like old vines ~ as she waters us, feeds us, encourages us to keep reaching down deep and up high, is one of the most divine bits of the universe I have ever witnessed. Have I grown up? Yes. Have I grown down? Oh indeed! Still, I have only begun to learn I am complete. Toi Lynn has introduced me to my spirit guides (who knew I had one, much less, many!?) She has played, giggled, cried, listened, she has spoken and taken me on journeys I will never forget. My heart just keeps unfolding, it’s endless. Nurtured by the winter retreat, I feel not only a deeper connection to my intuition and place on Mother Earth, but a strong bond between other women. The circle reaches far. It is safe. It’s is beautifully nurturing. It is necessary. I am ever grateful to Toi Lynn.

~ Lizzie, Burlingame, CA

How does this work? 

For 21 days you'll receive abundant daily offerings of powerful tools for your emergence, lovingly gifted from the Goddess and inspired by the feminine divine essence of Shakti:

  • For the Body: Guided movement, body stories practices, yoga and breathwork to nourish your body and access your intuition.

  • For the Mind: Words of encouragement, inspirational poetry and journal prompts to bring awareness and clarity to your thoughts, perceptions and life stories.

  • For the Spirit: Rituals, guided shamanic journeys, nature wisdom quests and creative expression such as painting, photography and sacred crafts to deepen your connection to yourself and everything alive and beautiful on this planet.


I’m writing to thank you for the retreat, Awakening Shakti. I wasn’t sure what to expect but felt drawn to your course because of your energy. It was both profound and gentle. Everyone came at different points, different ideas and you accommodated everyone seamlessly. I love that you encouraged everyone to go at their own pace, to take what they needed. Each mediation, each activity, every word and image built this safe sort of cocoon for my own exploration of my own desires and my own journey. Your obvious knowledge of this process made it seem natural and effortless but I know it went so well because of your expertise, hard work and ability to guide the circle. This is no small feat. I’ve done 2 different online courses in the past few years and none were as awesome as this one. I just didn’t get to the same place. But in yours I discovered so much about myself. I actually felt a part of the circle (instead of looking from the outside). I felt the support of you and of the circle of wonderful women and I also felt comfortable to explore my own soul work privately. You allowed things to unfold naturally and gave guidance at just the right times. It was the perfect balance. I’ve been opened. Thank you, very deep gratitude to you. I look forward to the next!

~ April, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Work each day as the lessons come, or at your own pace... the choice is yours.  

This retreat is a gift you give to yourself, and will be available to you to return to, over and over again. 

In the curriculum below are a few FREE offerings for you to sample how this retreat works.  We invite you to try them all.  And please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.  We look forward to sharing this journey with you!

Wishing you a rest, renewal, rejuvenation and the sweet return home to yourself.

I've officially registered! And I read every word from the link provided with all the accolades from previous participants. I recommend anyone considering one of Toi Lynn's events to read through this. Everything I read was a solid bullseye in truth. I never felt so in touch with myself than while I was participating in Toi Lynn's winter women's retreat. This is something you can do at your own pace, in your own time. Participate actively or quietly. Your choice. No pressure. And you feel and know that you are never alone in the process. Best retreat I have ever been a part of...and had the most growth from. I Highly recommend this experience for anyone that wants to reach her highest potential of self knowledge and growth. I look forward to learning and growth with sisters I know, have recently met and those I will meet and grow to love. Till then...♥♡♥♡"

~ Kristina, St. Paul, MN

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One of the ways to reclaim your voice, boundaries and place in the world is to stake claim to time just for yourself.  It's an act of empowerment to take in things that feed your soul.  When you say Yes! to yourself in this way, your confidence rises, your self respect grows and your body acknowledges your empowered choice with a deep sigh of relief and a fresh wash of energy.

Say Yes! to Yourself
Toi Lynn  Wyle
Toi Lynn Wyle

About the instructor

Aloha and Namaste'.  I'm Toi Lynn, and I'm so delighted to have the opportunity to journey with you.

Who am I?  Honestly, I’d much rather talk about you.  I mean that sincerely.  I want to know all about You.  What you love.  What you fear.  What you desire.  What you want to do with your life.  Where it hurts.  Where it feels right and true.  I want to know your passions and dreams, and what that voice deep inside you has been nudging you to do, be and offer this world.  

But, meanwhile....I've been leading others on their path to healing and awakening for over 31 years.  I'm a Soul Midwife, Dream Doula, Yogini, Warrioress of the Heart, Spiritual Rebel, Earth Mother and Ambassador to the Awakening Divine Feminine.  

In down to earth words, that means I’m a licensed Psychotherapist and Intuitive Personal Life Coach certified as a Hypnotherapist, Clarity Breathwork Therapist, and Yoga Teacher.  I am also a Meditation Teacher, Dreamworker, Embodiment Practitioner, Shamanic Guide and Writer.  I held a private practice in the San Francisco Bay area for 24 years, and worked in nonprofits and corporations, schools and yoga studios.  During that time I cofounded and codirected a Yoga Studio and Healing Arts Center with my partner Jordan Wyle.  I've facilitated women's circles for 25 years, and led yoga classes and retreats for16.  

In addition to the courses and retreats offered here, I provide 1:1 coaching and mentorship, and facilitate in person retreats.  I currently live on the north shore of Kauai, off a dirt road in a seaside cottage that is tiny and rustic, yet filled with big dreams and big love.

What's included?

2 Videos
1 Survey
76 Texts
21 Disqus
6 Audios

It's a fascinating paradox that when you take time for yourself you actually make more time.  The world that is rushing by you begins to slow down, and you begin to see it all much more clearly.  Your choices become more informed.  You move through your life with more trust and assurance.  As you learn to release the struggle, life makes itself known to you in all of its expansiveness and beauty.

Make Time for Life

Course Curriculum

Invitation: Come Join Our Wild Sacred Circle! & a Survey

"But how do I spend that money on myself? Am I worth it?'"

Here's what I invite you to do to find your answer, from your own inner wisdom.

  1. Stand in Mountain Pose, with your feet hip width apart (actual bare feet on the earth), spine long, head gently reaching to the sky.
  2. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, all the way down through the hips and even further to the bottom of the feet.
  3. Take another and feel that breath going all the way up through the top of the head.
  4. Relax your shoulders, release your jaw, soften your eyes and open your inner ears.
  5. Now, place one hand on your womb area and one on your heart.
  6. Then ask yourself: Is this course right for me?
  7. And then simply listen. Allow the chattering thoughts to float away like clouds and listen with your body. Your body will feel a heaviness with a NO, and a lightness, a sense of joy, peace, calm, inner spaciousness, relaxation or a wash of self affection for a YES.

You Are So Worth This!